The Holiday Cafe is Back!

A few years ago, the Dakota County Historical Society asked if Homer's HIWAY would be willing to do a café during the O'Connor House Annual Christmas Tours.

The HIWAY committee agreed, and a tradition was born!

The Homer PRIDE ladies wanted to bring back that tradition, in a very elegant way.

Each year, the Homer PRIDE group will host the cafe on the 1st Saturday of the O'Connor House Tour. The Catholic church holds their craft fair on the 2nd Saturday of the O'Connor House Tour.

Please enjoy these pictures of Homer PRIDE's Cafe

The day would not have been a success if not for help from some very special people....including these 3 lovely waitresses.

The tables were decorated for the holidays by women in the community, and each table was different. Diana Holgate suggested we try that, and that was a sure winner! All the tables were so beautiful.