Get Involved!

You can be a positive influence in our community. There are many local organizations that could benefit from your experience and enthusiam.

Getting involved in an organization is a great way to meet new friends, be informed, and be a positive role model.

If you don't see an organization that appeals to you, create one!

American Legion Contact: Dave Rasmussen, Commander Phone: 402.698.2518

Homer Pride Contact:

Dawn Maslonka Phone 712.301.4031 E-mail:

Ronda Litras Phone 712-301-1855

Staci Hill Phone 712-259-1133

Carrie V.Phone 402-239-6859

The Homer P.R.I.D.E (People Responsible for Improving and Developing Economic Growth) group is focused on helping maintain a positive image for our community. We do fun community events, such as a Chili and Salsa Cook off, a Wine Tasting Event, and many more to come. We also have helped maintain our town's first impression, by taking care of gardens and general appearance issues. We are working on new banners for main street, and are open to new people, and new ideas! We'd love to have you join us! Meetings are held at the Emporium at 7 p.m. the last Thursday of each month.

O'Connor House Contact: Jeannie Hummel Phone: 402-698-2538 E-mail:

Homer Community Club Contact: Unknown. The Homer Community Club supports the summer baseball and softballs teams. They have an annual fish fry fundraiser.

Dakota County Historical Society Contact:PO Box 971, Dakota City, NE 68731 Phone: E-mail:


Cemetary Contact Name Contact Phone/Web
Taylor Ken Baker



Don Esch

Omaha Mike Byroad 402-698-2522
Catholic Pat Green 402-698-2482
Catholic Jeannie Hummel 402-698-2538
Green Valley Eric Georgesen 402-698-2982
Hale Clara Maurice 402-698-2107
Hale Jon David Nelson 402-698-2191