Cost of Living

Many people choose to live in a rural community for the quality of life. That means many things, from a great school, to low crime rates, to more affordable housing.

Homer not only has those things, but our housing prices have maintained their value, making an investment in a Homer property a sound investment.

Midwest values and work ethic also make Homer employees a valuable asset to the businesses in our area. With an agricultural economy, and a wide base of employers, our unemployment numbers are lower than the national and area averages.

  Homer Sioux City, Iowa U.S. Averages
Overall 85 82 100
Food 94 91 100
Utilities 84 87


Misc. 93 91 100
Med. Home Cost $108,200 $89,400 $175,100
Avg. Household Income $48,347 $42,532 $52,954
Unemployment % 6.3% 6.5% 9.1%

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