There is nothing neither good or bad, but thinking makes it so.  ~Shakespeare

Living in small town is exactly what you think it will be.  It’s the kind of place where you know all your neighbors, and if someone isn’t from here, people tend to notice.

Kool Aid Mustaches

You’ll find a bar or two, and a small restaurant where all the locals go to gossip. You might find them playing cards, talking about their kids, and lying about the fish they caught.  You go in town to eat home-made chicken noodle soup, or fried chicken, because it just tastes best there.

In Homer, you’ll see kids playing at the park, riding bikes around town, and chasing fireflies. We enjoy living in the land of safe and sound.  

You can watch the Veterans on Memorial Day, and no one will say anything at all if tears slide down your face as you listen to “Taps” for the 119th time.

911 tears

You can go to a high school football game, and squint the first hour, because the home team faces the sun going down, while the guests get to sit with their backs to the sunset, and no one complains. Just wait a few more minutes. 

You can cheer with the cheerleaders, and watch as they try to lead the little kids through the dance routine they taught them for the halftime show. 

If your kid is seeing someone special, sit by a teacher.  They’ll tell you everything you need to know.

There are a myriad of school events, and since it’s a K-12 school, you can watch the kids grow up right before your eyes. Don’t blink.

Your neighbors are your friends.  When something happens, people don’t call, and say, “how can I help?”  They show up on your doorstep, with a hot dish and hug.

There is always a garden that needs weeding, money that needs to be raised, and friends that love your unannounced visit.  You can go for quiet walks around town, and wave at your neighbors.  And if your car breaks down, someone will stop and lend a hand.

We have some interesting characters in town, and we like it that way.

Homer is the kind of place to build a home, raise a family, and create your very own fairy tale.