Meet the Author!

Hello. My name is Dawn Maslonka, and I live in Homer. I started this website in 2011.
My goal was to give Village residents a site they could use to find out about local events, provide contact information for local groups and organizations, to provide a communication resource, and access to local village public documents.
I also wanted our town to have a site so visitors could find out about upcoming events, like our World Famous O'Connor House! How will visitors know about our events, if we don't have a web site?
The on-line documents in the Homer Village Code of Ordinances are not the official version. The information found here is provided as a service by one individual community member. The only official version is available through the Village Clerk's Office. The phone number is (402)698-2155, or you may e-mail the village at
The online version may not represent the most recent version of the Village's Code of Ordinances and should not be used as the official version.
This site is a hobby I do in my free time. No one pays for it but me. I mean to speak for no one but myself. I wanted my town to have a web site, and I wanted it to be helpful for people who want to visit Homer. So if you find it helpful, then my mission was accomplished. If you find it could be improved, drop me a line, and maybe I can fix it. My email address is
Officially, the Village Board has nothing to do with this site. Nor does any other group for that matter. It's just me.

Thank you for stopping by, ~Dawn